<Road Map | 1st Year: 2021>


> Idea & Plan > Research Market > Looking for Team members Select suitable Blockchain platform for development. > Website and smart contracts development > Whitepaper


> Listing PancakeSwap: 50% Supply will be added to liquidity. > Perform Step 1 Marketing: Community Airdrop - Weekly Mini game - Event (At the end of Step 1 if there are unused tokens, they will be burned). > Release BabysharkSwap (AMM DEX) > Building BBS community > Seeking Partners & Contributors


> Release BBS Platform: NFT music marketplace > Release NFT music trending & leaderboard > Listing CoinMarketCap & CEX > Perform Step 2 Marketing: CMC listing, CEX listing events > Bounty Campaign: Facebook, Twitter, Article/Blog, Youtube Campaign


> Release Limited NFT music Auction > Held the first NFT music Auction event: At the end, payout "Auction reward pool" for the auction winner. > Perform Step 3 Marketing: Create BBS Forum, expand Social Community. > Rewards for building BBS Forum: Joining forum, sharing guide, knowledge, experience, … about blockchain, crypto, NFT, trading. >"Early bird" Investor Gratitude: Snapshot and Airdrop for BBS investors of Q2 2021).

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