Baby-shark.Finance Whitepaper

Baby Shark x Crypto - Legend x Trendy | Two great things come along together.

The year 2020 marked the great popularity in the whole world of “Baby Shark", along with Blockchain & Crypto. Deriving inspiration from "Baby Shark" song, the project ignited the initiatives to create an entertainment environment as well as creating a decentralized financial platform (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) music marketplace. Baby Shark aims to turn BBS token into an entertainment token, which is the same as Doge. However, BBS will be integrated with more features, thus in line with future development trends.

After a period of researching and observing cryptocurrency market, the realization of the potential of Binance Smart Chain assisted our team to make a decision to implement the concept of Babyshark.Finance project on the Binance Smart Chain platform.

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