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Did you ever see an DeFi project aiming for 50-year development!

As you can see Baby Shark Video has surpassed 8 billion views in the globe! Taking up such a huge amount of views proves the great spreading power of Baby Shark in the world! It is no wonder that Baby Shark is well-known for generations from children, teenagers, adults and the elderly. Nowadays, Crypto & Blockchain are the most explosive growth in the technological domain. In the future, Crypto & Blockchain will be associated with all human activities. It is no exaggeration to say that the combination of Baby Shark and Crypto is going to be the greatest thing to happen this year! This project has a development goal of more than 50 years. The reason lies in the fact that Baby Shark and human beings are now living together on a permanent basis; this generation grows up, the young generation follows in the footsteps; as well as Crypto is constantly evolving to reach comprehensiveness.

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