<Project Features>

We will never stop developing to bring new and trendy features to our community.
  • Initial Features | 100% Community Driven: Community driven, fair launch. Devs team has no pre-mined tokens. Liquid lock, 47.5% supply burn. - LP Acquisition: each transaction has 3% fee auto adding to the liquidity pool to locked forever - Passive Income: each transaction has 2% fee auto distributing to all BBS token holders - Anti Rug Pull & Whales: Maximum 0.5% of BBS tokens per transaction.
  • 10 Marketing Step - Every three months, we will release one new marketing step, to make sure this project has stable growth at the beginning of stage. The total time is schedule in 30 months.
  • BabysharkSwap (AMM DEX) - The ultra-low fees decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Auto Buy Back: Every week 80% profit of BBS project will be used to buy back BBS token.
  • BBS Platform: NFT music marketplace - Artists can submit their song, video clip on BBS Platform. BBS will verify license and review quality of this song/video clip, then create NFT music product and list it on BBS Marketplace. Whenever an NFT music product sold, 75% BNB go to owner's wallet, 17% equally divided for BBS community based on the number BBS tokens holding & 5% go to BBS platform wallet (this 5% for future development, marketing, event). 3% go to "Auction reward pool".
  • Limited NFT Music Auction - Every quarter of the year, BBS will partner with famous Artists to held a limited NFT music product auction event. The winner gets the limited NFT music (song/video clip) & gets all BNB coin accumulation of that quarter in the "Auction reward pool".
  • BBS Entertainment - Our BBS Entertainment platform will enable users to enjoy NFT music products in two ways:
    1. 1.
      Users can subscribe their favorite artists by paying a monthly/yearly fee to access and enjoy all of their music products. 95% of fee will go to that artist’s wallet, the remaining 5% of fee will go to BBS Entertainment platform.
    2. 2.
      Users can buy an NFT music album of artists (Also NFT album can be create by combining many music products of one or more artists). After purchasing the NFT album, users can enjoy all music products in NFT album for lifetime (User doesn't claim the product ownership). 95% of fee will go to artist's wallet (or divided equally to all contributing artists), 5% of fee will go to BBS Entertainment platform.
    Each quarter of the year, 50% fee obtained on BBS Entertainment platform will be distributed to Top 100 BBS holders.
  • NFT Music Trending & Leaderboard - Everyone can vote for their favorite NFT music products. Top vote rate (rate= total votes/ total list days) will show on Trending page while Top vote (Top 10 that has highest number of votes) of month/year will show on Leaderboard of month/year.
  • Endless Features - Every 6 month from May 2023 (after all features above completed) The Dev team will develop new features based on the market trend & BBS community decision.